About Us
Truth Becomes Her is a movement that transcends the emphasis on feminine beauty and focuses on teaching young women about their true worth.
We believe it isn’t enough to simply teach girls about real beauty.
Beauty is only one part of the feminine expression. Our job as adult women is to fight for our daughters and other young women to know their value so they can live out their life’s purpose.
Our Founders
Erin and Brent Weidemann originally founded Bible Belles, a company dedicated to providing young girls with positive role models. That effort blossomed into a movement to teach the next generation of young women to embrace their worth and calling.
Erin Weidemann
Co-founder, five-time cancer survivor,
wife to Brent and mother to Rooney Cruz

Learn more about Erin: erinweidemann.com
Brent Weidemann
Co-founder, husband to Erin and father to Rooney Cruz
Rooney Cruz
Vivacious daughter of Erin and Brent
Why Truth Becomes Her?
We know that our girls are precious and worth far more than they can imagine. Teaching them to recognize their own value can feel like a monumental task. We have so much to say — and we have so many fears that we communicate poorly. But if we as parents, mentors, and leaders do not teach our girls, who will? You know the answer: The world
The world is ready to tell our young women that their worth is relative to their popularity, looks, romantic partners, social status, and so on. But we know the truth. So let’s embrace our responsibility to speak up — together, as a strong collective of women who are dedicated to loving and leading well. Courage begets courage, love begets love, leadership begets leadership. That’s what Truth Becomes Her is all about.
Resources We Provide
An overview of the resources we provide:
Our podcast tackles the issues that matter to you as moms and mentors.
Our free training videos are designed to empower and equip you as a teacher.
Our ebooks offer encouragement and practical wisdom for daily life with your girl.
Our programs include training videos, guides, coaching calls, and access to the private TBH community.
What People are Saying

  • “My daughters are growing up in a world full of women they are told to mimic and idolize. In contrast, I love being able to point them to grace, beauty, and good character amidst all sorts of circumstances. I’ve been able to show my daughters that they do not have to be all the world says to make a difference.”

    − Melissa T., Arlington, TX

  • “As a mother raising three wildly different girls and hoping I can do something right along the way, I’m incredibly grateful for the resources of Truth Becomes Her. Erin and her team help guide us dazed and confused moms, overwhelmed by a world full of negative messages aimed at our girls, and point us to the TRUTH. You will walk away from this course with a deeper understanding your daughter and the confidence to raise her to know her worth.”

    − Kara Kae James, Executive Director of Thrive Moms and Author of Mom Up: Thriving With Grace in the Chaos of Motherhood

  • “I have 3 girls and I love being able to teach them to lead! You have allowed me to talk to my girls in a way I wish I had when I was young. To say I am forever grateful is an understatement!”

    − Betsy B., Monroe, LA
Ready to join the movement?
We are calling on you, the adult women who want to instill integrity, character, and confidence in their girls, to join the Truth Becomes Her movement. If you’re willing, we’re committed to giving you all the tools and training you need to embark on this mission with us.