Truth Becomes Her is a worth movement,
A space for moms and mentors to gather, grow, and guide girls to discover their true value.
Truth Becomes Her
The world is full of negative influences that mislead girls about what matters.
Our society sends mixed messages to young women about their value, increasing their insecurity and fear. Culture degrades and objectifies the feminine. But being a woman is about much more than beauty, which is why Truth Becomes Her is a movement to educate girls about their priceless worth. The only way they’ll know is if we show them.
We have the ability to change the cultural narrative by mentoring young women.
We have a mission of grace to fulfill. Truth Becomes Her is a worldwide community of adult women focused on training and mentoring young women to live out of their true identities. We provide resources such as books, videos, devotionals, courses, audio programs and speaking events in order to equip this generation to raise up the next. And we want YOU to join us.
Truth Becomes Her
From Our Resource Library
Latest tools and resources to help fuel the movement
Truth Becomes Her
Free Training
Get access to 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Daughter’s True Potential to start the conversation with your girl about how much she’s worth.
Truth Becomes Her
Confidence Challenge
Want to increase your daughter’s confidence & unsure exactly where to begin? I’ve been there. Let me help you take the first step (totally free).
Truth Becomes Her
Latest Podcast
Listen every Thursday to the latest Heroes For Her Podcast episode & get the wisdom, support, and encouragement you need from Erin and other leaders.
Truth Becomes Her
Technology Video Series
For many adults, battling with their girls over technology has become a painful norm. You can teach your girl how to break free from the stream of constant amusement with this free video series.
What others are saying

  • My daughters are growing up in a world full of women they are told to mimic and idolize. In contrast, I love being able to point them to grace, beauty, and good character amidst all sorts of circumstances. I’ve been able to show my daughters that they do not have to be all the world says to make a difference.

    − Melissa T., Arlington, TX

  • As a mother raising three wildly different girls and hoping I can do something right along the way, I’m incredibly grateful for the resources of Truth Becomes Her. Erin and her team help guide us dazed and confused moms, overwhelmed by a world full of negative messages aimed at our girls, and point us to the TRUTH. You will walk away from this course with a deeper understanding your daughter and the confidence to raise her to know her worth.

    − Kara Kae James, Executive Director of Thrive Moms and Author of Mom Up: Thriving With Grace in the Chaos of Motherhood

  • I have 3 girls and I love being able to teach them to lead! You have allowed me to talk to my girls in a way I wish I had when I was young. To say I am forever grateful is an understatement!

    − Betsy B., Monroe, LA
Truth Becomes Her
Our girls are worth more than they know.
Let’s train them to believe it.
We can’t do this without you. We need more mothers and mentors to step up and say, “YES!” to equipping the next generation of female leaders. Whether it seems like it or not, your voice is the one your daughter needs to help her become who she’s meant to be.
Your voice matters. Join the Truth Becomes Her community.
What would it be like to watch your daughter courageously live out of her true identity? How would it feel to band together with other women passionate about raising up the next generation? Your voice matters! Will you take the next step and join us?
Truth Becomes Her