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Show your daughters their true value

Teach your daughters their worth with the Bible Belles children's book series

Lead her to:

  • Understand God's Love
  • Seek the true definition of beauty
  • Discover her life's purpose and unique leadership role

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The world tells girls what they should be. It’s time to show them who they are.

Introducing the Bible Belles series. Written by a mom on a mission.

Five years ago, the lightbulb went on for mom and teacher turned national speaker, Erin Weidemann. Young girls could name every Disney Princess but struggled when it came to women in the Bible. It got her and her husband, Brent, thinking - wouldn't it be great if girls today were just as excited about biblical women as they are about princesses: women who can be real heroes for girls today?

And just like that, the Bible Belles book series was born. We are on a mission to create children's books and devotionals that connect girls with real heroes: positive role models that our daughter, and all the other daughters out there, can look up to.

The perfect gift for girls.

Our kids gift bundle set is the perfect gift for girls that moms will love. Teach your kids the power of prayer, patience, bravery, loyalty, & leadership!

Let's be honest. As parents we can have a lot of trouble making the stories of the Bible come alive for our kids . . .

Bible Belles makes it fun and easy. Designed with a former Disney animator and VeggieTales book designer, the Bible Belles series follows 9 year old Rooney Cruz on a once-in-a-lifetime superhero adventure. Thanks to some help from the angel, Mari, Rooney meets Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah. Five heroic women of the bible with five real superpowers - prayer, patience, bravery, loyalty, and leadership - help Rooney discover the hero inside herself.


The wisdom to know what needs to be done and to stir action in ourselves and other toward a goal is essential to finding and carrying out God’s plan and purpose for each of our lives.


In life, we face tough times and scary situations. We can’t avoid them, but we can call upon the courage of God to boldly face any problem with the confidence that he will see us through.


Honest and open communication is the first step in a relationship with God, the revealing of truth from deep inside our own hearts.


A life lived in kindness toward others is part of God’s special purpose for all of us. Self-sacrifice and putting the feelings and needs of others before our own are meaningful ways we can show real love.


We talk to God and He talks to us! We must listen for Him, wait patiently for His timing, then act when and how He tells us do so.

Moms, connecting your daughter to the Bible has never been easier. With high-quality illustrations and a character she can truly connect with, the Bible Belles series will help you increase your daughter's confidence, strengthen her identity, and prepare her for her unique role in God's story.

We also offer other resources that further help connect your daughter to the Bible, including free coloring pages and kids devotionals. The kids coloring pages make connecting your daughter to Bible stories even easier. With these high quality illustrations, your daughter can strengthen her experiences with the Bible Belles and remember what it means to make a different kind of noise. Our kids devotionals were created to both entertain and give girls meaningful ways to apply the Scripture and they’ll help your daughter understand the Bible in new ways.

Bible Belles also wants to empower mothers to be best equipped to guide their daughters. We offer a parenting blog that has resources, insights and tips on how to help guide your daughter toward inner beauty and God’s calling. Heroes for Her is our award-winning podcast for moms hosted by Bible Belles founder and CEO, Erin Weidemann. Each week, Erin invites female guests to talk about identity, beauty, and God’s purpose for their lives. Moms all over the world can subscribe on iTunes to hear real women talk about the honest, raw moments of life and what it looks like when we lead from our values and raise our girls to do the same.

Hear what moms and grandmas have to say about us

Love, love, love everything about these books! The illustrations are bright and lively. The dialogue is captivating, and the lesson is oh so important. Truly a powerful tool to help moms in an effort to hide God's Word in our Bible Belle's heart. Job well done!!

Sharon K.

My daughter and I enjoy these books immensely! The illustrations are warm and inviting and the lessons are both easy for my little one to comprehend and dynamic in their ability to provide lasting encouragement. I couldn't be more thankful for these beautiful books.

Candice M.

My girls loved the illustrations, the characters and quite simply we loved the story! Thank you for the reminder that with God we can be brave and have the courage to do what's right no matter what. Things may be difficult but nothing is impossible for God!

Teresa M.

I have 4 little Belles and one sweet Beau. They ALL enjoy your books. We love how the storyline builds on itself and leaves us all excited for what happens next time! What most struck my heart though is that it was so relatable to them. They ALL said that Rooney seems "just like me!"

Lee F.

What an awesome job you guys have done telling these beautiful stories from God's Word! My daughter loves the storyline and how it blends with the biblical story. My daughter said, "Mom, this makes me feel like I need to be brave. If Rooney and Abigail can do it, I can too!"

Mel D.

I must say it was so refreshing to read a fun, exciting children's bible story! I love the character Rooney and I really love that I can feel the lessons are leading up to something bigger but are a huge lesson by themselves as well!

Lisa M.

Help your daughter dive deeper into the stories that matter with interactive devotions for kids