Rebecca Farris: Well Planned

“It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.”  - Charlotte Mason

My guest for today’s episode is Rebecca Farris. As C.E.O. of Home Educating Family Association, Rebecca inspires and supports thousands of homeschool moms each year through her speaking, talk show, daily planners, magazines, and online resources. Each year Rebecca uses her platform as the Well Planned Gal to share her inspirational story of grace. Challenging women to discover the unique journey God has for them, Rebecca mentors women in their work, marriage, parenting adventures, and life. Her personal journey and day-to-day activities can be found in the pages of Family Magazine, on, and through social media.

Today, Rebecca explains why she describes her childhood as unusual, and how she wasn’t exactly a fan of homeschooling when she was the student. She breaks down why she had a change of heart about home education and how the Lord showed her how to balance keeping her home in order, maintaining multiple businesses, and homeschooling her children all at the same time. Her passion is to encourage homeschool families and create resources that make life organized, creative, and fun.

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