Lisa Bevere: From Rivalry To Revolution

My guest for episode 23 is Lisa Bevere. She rocks. Lisa is an international speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of Messenger International. She is a powerful advocate for women everywhere to "break free of comparison and competition, embrace God's purpose, and realize a life without rival." Chills! I could not love this woman more.  

In this episode, you’ll hear Lisa's heart for the struggles that we face as women: comparison, confusion, and everything in between. She also digs deeper into how God does not love us equally: He loves us uniquely. There are so many truths revealed in this episode that I've already used, both in conversations with Rooney and with myself (Yes, I talk to myself. Judge away). 

You’ll also hear what inspired her new book, "Without Rival," which just released on August 16! This is the book every woman needs to read. Find it here on Amazon! 

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"Without Rival" on MI 

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