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Summer Reading Challenge: Week 4- R is for Ruth

In the fourth week of our Summer Reading Challenge we share with our girls the superpower of loyalty. 

Loyalty is showing love and genuine kindness towards others, despite how you may be feeling. It means loving others faithfully, without waiting or wanting something in return. This isn't always easy to do, especially when we are feeling hurt or betrayed, but the story of Ruth (Read Ruth 1) teaches us how to be a loyal friend and show up fully for the people in our lives. 

Dear children, let's not say that we love each other. Let us show our love with our actions.

1 John 3:18

Think back to the last time someone hurt your feelings. Maybe it was during an argument or misunderstanding. How did you feel?

In these moments it's easier to lash out and react to our emotions rather than remaining calm, collected, and rooted in kindness, love, and loyalty.  

When you find yourself in a situation where it feels hard to love someone, remember that God is love. He is the best place to go when you need help loving the people around you.

Here's an Activity to Try with Your Daughter

On a piece of paper, make two columns. Have her think about the people she knows (family, friends, classmates, teammates etc.). In the first column, make a list of people she thinks are easy to love. In other words, it wouldn’t be difficult to be kind to these people. It would take a little bit of effort and a little heart. In the second column, make a list of people in her life who are a little harder to love. Once she has some names written down, encourage her to spend some time thinking and praying out loud with you. Ask God together to change her heart for these people. Ask Him to make her heart bigger for the people in the second column.

Not signed up yet for our summer reading challenge? It’s not too late to join us! All you need is a copy of our HEARD Digital Devotional bundle. Click here to grab one. Follow along this summer and create opportunities for your girl to learn from five extraordinary women to help her grow in character and CONFIDENCE.


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