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Summer Reading Challenge: Week 1- H is for Hannah

Throughout our lives, there will ups and downs. But no matter what we may be experiencing, God is there with us through it all. He's always ready and willing to listen and guide us along our journey when we open our hearts to Him. 

Draw near to God and He will Draw near to you

James 4:8

In the first week of our Summer Reading Challenge we share with our girls the first of their five superpowers: Prayer.

Becoming a Belle of Prayer like Hannah

God wants to be close to your girl, and He’s waiting for her to come and talk to Him. It's easy to turn away from God during those moments when all God is asking is for her to call upon Him. 

When Hannah was treated harshly by Peninnah it would have been very easy for her to shut down, get angry, or try to handle the problem herself. Instead, she brought her feelings to God in prayer and told Him the truth from inside her own heart. And just as God heard Hannah’s prayer, He hears your girl's prayers, too.

Every single one.

Maybe she never thought that much about it before. Think about it right now. She has the ability to talk to God, and He can hear everything she says. God, the Creator of the entire universe, listens when she talks to Him.

Open the Window: T-A-P

Remember, she can think of prayer like she's opening a window. When it’s open, God is there on the other side, waiting to hear from her. Talk to your girl. Encourage her to remember to tap the window (T-A-P) and tell Him what’s on her mind.


The “T” in TAP stands for thank. God has given us many gifts, wonderful people, and special blessings. He has given us a beautiful world to live in and He takes care of our every need. Be sure to tell Him how happy and grateful you are for His love, protection, and grace. Thank Him for everything you can think of!


The “A” in TAP stands for ask. God has the answer to every single question you have. No matter if you are feeling sad, lonely, confused, or angry, you can ask Him anything. He is always listening, and He wants you to ask Him your questions.


The “P” in TAP stands for praise. God made this entire world and everything in it (Psalm 89:11): everything we can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste. He is awesome and mighty and powerful, so celebrate and tell Him so! You can be happy and excited that God is who He is. He is loving, faithful, and worthy of our praise.

Here's an Activity to Try with Your Daughter

Make your very own prayer window! Create one from scratch by decorating a cardboard cutout, or use one made of real wood that’s been repurposed. Paint it, decoupage it, bedazzle it... be creative!

Add pictures and words to remind you of reasons you want to say “thank you” to God. 

Not signed up yet for our summer reading challenge? It’s not too late to join us! All you need is a copy of our HEARD Digital Devotional bundle. Click here to grab one. Follow along this summer and create opportunities for your girl to learn from five extraordinary women to help her grow in character and CONFIDENCE.

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