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Trust your own voice.

I stared at those words as they sat on a page of loose-leaf paper next to my computer. I remember scribbling them furiously as my editor was explaining how to approach my newest writing project.

The author in me received her advice and encouragement.

The mom in me pulled back a bit.

A few hours later, I was staring at my little girl. This was a few years back, so her sweet, 3-year-old self was trying desperately to read the book she had open on the floor of her bedroom.

She tried to remember out loud which sounds went with what letters. The words stumbled as they left her lips. I watched and listened.

She’s older now, and that little voice is still music to my ears.

She's 5 now. Whenever I catch myself listening to her speak, or sing, I’m reminded that she’s developing a voice that goes beyond simple sound production.

She’s young. She is impressionable. And every day presents real opportunities for her to grow and build the voice she’ll use to make her unique impression on the world.

Will that sweet voice speak the truth?

Will it become strong and powerful?

Will it ring, filled with love and compassion? 

Or will it echo the noise of a culture that tells her to care more about herself than others?

The world has a lot to tell our girls about what they should do and who they should be.

The world is wrong, and at times it sure is loud.

Will she use her life and her voice to make a different kind of noise?

Virtues training.

Values education.

Whatever we want to call it, developing a girl’s character is no easy undertaking in today’s world. And no matter what stage or season she’s in, at times the responsibility of guiding her can feel like both a great honor and a heavy burden.

If you want your girl to grow, I mean REALLY grow, surround her with women who have the character you want to instill in her.

Challenge: Give your girl the opportunity this summer to interact with women whose character you would be proud to have her emulate. Use the next few weeks to create opportunities for her to learn from these women and grow in character and confidence.

Action Step: Swap screen time for five weeks of intentional character training. Join us for this summer’s reading challenge!

The only thing you need is our digital devotional bundle and to set aside a little time each day to connect with your girl and do the daily reading/activity. We’ll take care of the rest!

It’s going to be a fun and simple way to encourage your girl to read AND lead this summer!

Remember, Mama, it is in your home, on your lap, and at your kitchen table that you will fight the battle for her character.

Take 5 weeks this summer to show her that leadership isn't just about learning to trust the voice inside.

It’s about building in her a voice that is worthy of trust.

Order your copy of the devotional here.

Do yourself a favor. Don't put it off.

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  • Hey Tami! We love all of the Beartruth Collective resources, especially Paul The Apostle! Not sure if they’ve got a summer reading program, but I would definitely check them out.

  • I’m loving this idea and can’t wait to start! I would love to do something similar with my boys. Do you know of anything like it for the boy world?

    Tami Schauf

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