[FREE] Learning Resources for Kids and Families

Dear Mamas,

In light of recent school closures, we've got more free resources for you!

We're gifting our entire Bible Belles Heard devotional series for FREE for parents who are dealing with a reality of their kids being at home for the next several weeks, months...maybe longer?

No one knows, but we do hold tight to the truth. We can have hope, joy, and peace during this time and we can use these next several days as an opportunity to strengthen the faith and pour into the lives of the girls we love so much.

These devotionals will help you do just that. 

Each devotional contains 7 days of activities, verses, craft ideas, prayers, discussion guides, and more to help you connect with your daughter or the girl you lead and to encourage her to cancel worry, fear, and anxiety and instead live with HOPE. 

Guide her through conversations about: 

✔️ Her God-given Identity
✔️ God's Love for His Creation
✔️ Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty
✔️ Her Life's Purpose

Download your free devotionals HERE


  • Hi Erin, I heard you recently on my favorite podcast, The Holy Post, and your story is truly incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your obedience to God’s leading. As a mother of 3 daughters (ages 8, 6 and 3) and a lay women’s bible study leader who shepherds mothers of girls, these books sound fantastic. I am really looking forward to going through them with my girls. Thank you!

  • Hi Bonnie,
    We love Beartruth Books for the young men in your life!

  • Would love to get the books for my granddaughter who is 6. Are there any books I can use for 3 yr old and almost 2 yr old grandsons?

    Bonnie Traher
  • Hi Susan,
    Glad you’re here! The series is designed for pre-readers to early independents (ages 4-10).

  • What age group are these books intended for? Interested for grand daughters.

    Thank you!

    Susan West

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