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Craft Your Own Beauty Statements

“Beautiful” is a carefully wielded word in our house. Not that it’s never used, but we try to refrain from using it just because Rooney’s wearing a colorful dress or fancy shoes. We try to point out things that she does that are beautiful. Sharing? That’s beautiful, Rooney. Kind words? That’s beautiful, Rooney. A hug for a sad friend? That’s beautiful, Rooney. Beauty is a heart issue, and she should stand firm in the truth that the measure of real beauty goes much further than the way God made her face, what she wears, or her physical being.

We saw this really cool idea over at New Moon Girls that we just had to try on for size. The idea of making a “Statement of Beauty” really struck a chord with us because here at Bible Belles, we’re not about “redefining beauty”. Beauty’s already been defined by Our Creator. No, no. It’s more about rediscovering beauty, the way God has already defined it.

We need to guide our girls as they encounter the topic of beauty. They need our help to engage in these conversations, but with some better information. We will equip them with truth so that, when the world begins to bombard them with messaging about makeup tricks and diet tips, they won’t question their worth or their beauty. So here is a simple yet powerful way to remember the way God looks at beauty.

Together, develop your own statements of real beauty in three easy steps:

  1. Identify who God is: The creator of the heavens, all the oceans, and every breathtaking peak in this world. He is the all-knowing (Isaiah 40:28), Almighty God (Genesis 17:1). He knows a thing or two about beauty, so we can trust what He has to say.
  2. Talk through what God says about beauty. Read Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 139:14, and 1 Peter 3:3-4 together and discuss what you think these verses mean.
  3. Write down seven ways you and your little belle are beautiful, one for each day of the week. Be sure that these declarations are centered around the beautiful things you do and not your external appearance. (ex. I am beautiful because of who made me / I share my feelings honestly / I am beautiful because I am gentle / I am beautiful because I listen patiently).

When you’re finished writing seven statements for each other, add a few more. Read them out loud. Talk about them. This will help reinforce that beauty is a heart issue, and will help train your daughter how to look for it in others.

Lastly, post these in prominent places where she can see them: in the bathroom, inside her lunchbox, or next to her bed. Decorate these statements and frame them in her room as a loving reminder that beauty already exists within her, that how she lives, not what she looks like, determines her beauty.


  • WOW!!! Loved this… this reminded me as a young adult what being beautiful means… I haven’t really thought of beautiful in that way.. that it is a heart issue….

    Thanks for sharing!!!!


    Georgiana "Gigi" Wentz
  • Oh my! Erin, I absolutely love this discovery from God!! I can share it with my granddaughter and what I love about God’s truths is that I can also share it again with my daughters…priceless and timeless!! Thank you!!

    Lena Fooks

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