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Who Are The Bible Belles | Esther: The Belle of Patience

“We talk to God, and He talks to us. We must listen for Him, wait patiently for His timing, then act when and how He tells us to do so.”

It’s easy to think that we can make the right choices without anyone’s help. I was guilty of thinking like that for a long time, and I still struggle with it. We think we know best, and when we don’t, we try to make it seem like we’ve got things all figured out. As girls, we learn early how to put on this show by pretending to be confident, capable, and strong. Well, enough of that.

That’s why Esther is the next Belle in our series. She’s The Belle Of Patience, the hero who stood up and seized her God-given opportunity. She did this, not in a rush, and not by pretending or thinking she could do it on her own. She allowed God to be her guide, waited patiently, and trusted Him to lead her in His perfect timing.

Esther was bold and courageous only after she properly prepared to step into the role God designed specifically for her. She prayed, she waited, and she listened for His direction and guidance. Then, she was able to discern when the time was right for her to act.

Our prayer is that, like Esther, our girls would wait patiently for God to guide and direct them, that they would listen for His voice, and that they would step into their roles with the same boldness and courage because they have placed their trust in Him. 

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  • I would love to become more like Esther..more patient and willing to wait for the LORD’s perfect timing… “She allowed God to be her guide, waited patiently, and trusted Him to lead her in His perfect timing” I so desire for that!! To allow GOD to be my guide!!!


    Georgiana "Gigi" Wentz

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